Your Trainer


My names Phil and I am a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer (PT) who is First Aid Trained and booked for further developmental training in 2018 to widen my skills in the fitness industry. I get great pleasure from seeing my clients achieve their goals and I’m only interested in results. If you are willing to consistently train with me whilst following a healthy diet, I guarantee you will have the body you have always dreamed of.


My Story

I am a serving Royal Marines Commando of 7 years who is leaving in March 2018 in pursuit of building a career in fitness as this is my passion. Before joining the Royal Marines I was unfit, out of shape, eating too many bad foods (some of which I believed were good for me) and smoking with no concern for my own health. It came to a point when I needed a drastic change. I am a firm believer that “Action creates Motivation” so I applied to be a Commando without thinking too much about the pain it was about to bring.

I barely passed my fitness assessments and scraped through the selection process to be accepted for the Royal Marines, using pure willpower with little physical capability. I then joined my troop in training for a grueling 32 weeks (and more due to injury) grinding my way through day by day. By the end of training, the Royal Marines had somehow got my butt in shape and I was no longer a weaker member of my troop. I passed out with great pride and proceeded to join my unit.

I was the fittest I had ever been at the end of training as were all my teammates. I had caught the fitness bug and wanted to see how far I could push myself, setting goals and trying to break my own records in running and weight training. I went from having a soft and podgy physique to being in half decent shape, so I am aware of the struggles that a lot of people go through to get fit and stay slim.

I am a fan of Strongman, CrossFit, Powerlifting, Weight Lifting, Calisthenics, bodybuilding and pretty much anything fitness related. I like to implement these various disciplines into the sessions to keep things challenging, interesting and fun which makes it’s easier to remain consistent with your training regime. I am always reading articles, books, and studies in my free time to get the most up to date information in the fitness world to save you time and confusion. More importantly, I have experimented with my own training to find out what works.

I like to think I’m friendly, approachable, and love working with a wide range of people. I am a big advocate of positive encouragement and supportive team cohesion when running sessions. I want every one of my clients to succeed and remain consistent with their nutrition and training.

I am also a father to two beautiful girls and have been married for 13 years. They are my motivation as I believe training regularly will negate the effects of bad health and allow me to play with them as I get older. Training has aided with discipline in all areas of my life and has a positive effect on my home, social and work as it will for you all if you remain consistent.

You have taken a proactive first step by searching for a professional to aid you in getting fit. I wish you all well on your journey whether that’s with me or the many other great fitness professionals out there. Eat clean, train hard and give LeanUp Commando Bootcamp a go!