Military Fitness


LeanUp Bootcamps “Military Fitness” classes are a great way to prepare for the Armed Forces, Police, Fire service or for those of you who just like to beast yourself (all are welcome). You will be trained by a Royal Marines Commando qualified as a Personal Trainer to aid you in passing your selection course. We don’t want you to just scrape a pass, we want you to conquer it!

Training will consist of developing the relevant fitness to your service. Unfortunately, it means you can’t be on the “Gainz Train”, working on a 1 rep max for your bench press. We will lower your mile and a half time, increase press ups, sit ups and pull ups whilst adding a few cheeky extras to work on your resilience (which you’ll need in abundance to succeed).

These will most definitely be our harder sessions, as entry requirements for these services can be demanding. You don’t have to be in the process of joining in order to take part in our “Military Fitness” sessions, but we do recommend you have a medium-high base level of cardiovascular fitness in order to participate i.e you must be able to jog/run at least a mile and a half. You also do not have to be a be a “Phys Ninja” in order to take part, as the whole point of these sessions are for you to improve. If you are a good runner but lack upper body strength we can also develop this so please don’t hesitate to take part.

You will not be barked at and will be offered loads of positive encouragement to succeed in your goals!


Sessions will take part weekly depending on demand at Lodmoor Park in Weymouth so please keep an eye on our schedule.

Sessions cost £5 and last approximately one hour.

First sessions are free for those who haven’t tried any of our range of classes.

We are looking to apply a monthly payment scheme in the near future so you can save more money when training regularly with LeanUp Bootcamp.

If you have any questions or are interested in trying out our “Military fitness” class please get in contact.