Commando Bootcamp


LeanUp Commando Bootcamp is a great option for those who are serious about burning fat and hitting their fitness goals. Here are the benefits:

  • Sessions are taken by a Royal Marines Commando.

  • Intense full-body cardiovascular and strength workouts.

  • High-calorie burn and fat loss when combined with a healthy diet

  • Train with a team of like-minded people striving to better themselves physically and mentally.

  • Varied sessions accommodating all abilities.

  • Team games and challenges.

  • Boosted performance from fresh air whilst training outdoors.

  • Support outside of the Bootcamp from a professional Personal Trainer.

  • A before and after photo taken if you wish for logging your results.


It is important that you enjoy your session and more importantly you succeed in achieving your fitness goals!

Following sessions are only £5 lasting roughly 1 hour.

Please visit the timetable or the LeanUp Commando Bootcamp Facebook page for timings.